The Cross-Border EC Shipping Solution that is Easy and Fast!

Japan’s first shipping management solution

A single interface for complete shipping management

Real-time synchronization

With Ship&co, all orders are synchronized in real-time

The Power of a Single Interface

With Ship&co you can simply compare all available shipping carrier fees by entering the size and weight of the package, selecting the carrier that works best for you, and then simply printing the shipping label.

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Choose the Shipping Carrier that Works for You

Easily compare carrier shipping rates, and select the option that works for you

If you don’t have any shipping carriers clickhere

International Shipping Carriers

Japanese Domestic Shipping Carriers

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International Shipping Simplified

No experience with cross-border EC? No need to worry. Ship&co will generate the required customs documents at the click of a button!

Create an Account

① Create an Account

Simply add an email address and password, and you are good to go

Batch Tool

② Register Online Stores

Once your online stores are registered, Ship&co will start synchronizing your orders with the Ship&co tool.

Register Shipping Carriers

③ Register Shipping Carriers

Once you’ve registered your domestic and international shipping carriers, you can start printing shipping labels.

Register Shipper Information

④ Register the Shipper’s Information

Register the Shipper’s name, address, and other information.

Select the Pricing Plan

⑤ Select the Pricing Plan

①〜④Once you register, the first 10 shipping labels are free. From the 11th label you’ll need to select a plan and register a credit card.

Registration Complete

⑥ Registration Complete!

Let the Shipping Revolution Begin!

The video below demonstrates how simple the Ship&co Process is

The video below demonstrates how simple the Ship&co process is

Available Shopping Platforms

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