Single Interface for All Your Shipping Needs

Order Synchronization

Automatically import and manage orders from multiple shops in real-time.

Shipping Rates Comparison

Instantly compare multiple carrier shipping rates in a single view.

Shipping Labels & Invoices

Generate shipping labels and invoices with your own brand with just 1 click.

International Shipping

Generate international customs documents with no additional step required.

Automatic Tracking

Have the tracking details automatically synced to your shop, and track your shipment status in one simple interface.

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Your Shipping Carriers in One Place

Select from multiple carriers to instantly compare rates

International Shipping Carriers

Domestic Shipping Carriers

Over 10 E-commerce Platforms Available

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Easy to Ship, Easy to Get Started

4 simple steps to get started with Ship&co

Create an Account

① Create an Account

Simply add an email address and password, and you are good to go.

Batch Tool

② Register Stores & Carriers

Register your online stores & shipping carriers to enable automatic synchronization with Ship&co.

Register Shipping Carriers

③ Add Sender Information

Add the sender’s name and address (required only when entering the sender’s name the first time).

Registration Complete

④ Start Shipping!

Your set-up is now complete, and you can start shipping! (No billing detail is needed for free trial.)

Born in Kyoto, Made for Global

We created Ship&co to address a real need we were facing. As online sellers based in Kyoto selling to over 100 countries around the world, we were spending hours everyday just to manage the shipping process.
To address this challenge, we created Ship&co to automate our shipping process, designing it to be user-friendly for ourselves. When we saw how much time we saved through Ship&co, we knew we had to share it with others.
Ship&co now supports online sellers from Japan and all over the world, simplifying domestic and global shipping.

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