Terms of Service


Terms of Service

This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) defines the use of services (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”) provided by BERTRAND Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) on this website. We require that all registered users (hereinafter referred to as “the Users”) use the Services in accordance with these terms.

Article 1 (Application)
This Agreement shall apply to all the relationships related to the use of the Services between the Users and the Company. If you do not agree to all of these terms, you may not use or access the Services in any manner.

Article 2 (Registration for Use)
When an applicant for registration applies by the method defined by the Company, and the Company approves the registration, the registration shall be completed.
The Company may not approve the application for user registration when judging that the applicant has registered using the following methods. The Company does not have an obligation to disclose the reason for refusal of user registration.
(1)When the applicant registered false information at the time of application;
(2)When the application is made by anyone who has violated this Agreement in the past;
(3)When we reasonably decide that registration is not appropriate.
In regards to the contents of application, the Company may ask the applicant for identification documents.

Article 3 (User ID and Password Management)
The Users shall manage the user ID and password of the Services under his/her own responsibility.
We are not responsible for any disadvantages and/or damages that the registered Users may suffer due to inaccurate or false information he/she registered with us.
The Users shall not give or lend the user ID and password to a third party under any circumstances. If both the user ID and password used upon login in consistent with the registered information, the Company will regard the log-in as one made by the user who had registered the ID.

Article 4 (Usage Fee and Payment Method)
In exchange for the use of the Services, the Users shall pay the usage fee determined by the Company and displayed on this website. Payment shall be made by the method specified by the Company. In the event that the Users delay payment, he/she shall pay the accrued late penalties at a rate of 14.6% per year.

In order to use the Services, the Users undertake not do the following actions:
(1)Acts that violate laws, public order and morals;
(2)Acts related to criminal acts, and/or Criminal Acts themselves;
(3)Acts that destroy or interfere with the functions of the Company’s server and/or network;
(4)Acts that may interfere with the operation of the Services;
(5)Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information related to other Users;
(6)Acts of impersonating other Users;
(7)Acts of directly or indirectly providing benefits in connection with the Services to criminal organizations or organizations indirectly or directly affiliated with crime;
(8)All other acts that we deem inappropriate.

Article 6 (Suspension of These Services)
The Company shall be able to stop or suspend the provision of all or part of the Services without notifying the Users in advance, if the Company decides that any of the following reasons apply:
(1)When the Company performs maintenance inspections or updates of the computer system/s related to the Services;
(2)When it becomes difficult to provide the Services due to inevitable uncontrollable events, such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, blackouts, or natural disasters.
(3)When computers or communication lines stop due to an accident or uncontrollable event;
(4)In addition, if we determine that it is difficult to provide the Services;
The Company shall not bear any responsibilities for any disadvantage or damage that the Users or third parties may suffer due to the suspension or interruption of the provision of the Services, regardless of the reason.

Article 7 (Limitation on Use and Deregistration)
In the following cases, the Company will be able to restrict the use of all or part of the Services to the Users without prior notice, or deregister the user registration:。
(1)In case of violating any provision of this Agreement;
(2)When it turns out that there is false information was used when registering;
(3)In addition, when the Company judges that the use of the Services is not appropriate.
We are not responsible for any damage caused to the Users by the action of the Company based on this article.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)
The Company shall not be liable, and thus shall be exempted from debt if the action performed does not result from our intention or gross negligence;
If the Company is to be held liable, we only accept responsibility within the range of damage that can normally occur, and within the range of the payment amount for paid items (in the case of continuous service, equivalent to one month).
The Company is not responsible for any transactions, communications or disputes, etc which may arise among the Users or between the Users and third parties regarding the Services.

Article 9 (Content Changes in the Services etc.)
The Company has the right to change the content of the Services or cease the provision of the Services without notifying the Users, and will not bear any responsibility for damage caused to the Users due to this action.

Article 10 (Change of Terms of Service)
(1)The Company can change this Agreement at any time without notifying the Users if we deem it necessary. Changes/additions to the terms shall be effective from the time they are posted on the website which offers the Services, and all kinds of services provided after the effective date shall be in accordance with the terms after the change/addition.
(2)The Users shall be obligated to fully understand the contents of the preceding paragraph and regularly check the latest contents of this Agreement. Users are prohibited from making statements, objections, and/or complaints regarding any changes and/or additions to the terms.
(3)We shall not bear responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, caused to the Users due to changes and/or additions to the terms.

Article 11 (Notification or Contact)
Contact between the Users and the Company shall be made according to the method specified by the Company. If the Company decides that it is necessary to contact or notify the registered Users, we will contact you or notify you via the registered e-mail address. Unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Service, you shall contact the Company via the inquiry form.

Article 12 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)
The Users shall not transfer the contractual status, or the rights or obligations based on this Agreement to third parties, or pledge the aforementioned as collateral without prior consent of the Company in writing.

Article 13 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
In interpreting this Agreement, Japanese Law shall be the governing law. In the event of a dispute related to the Services, the court which has jurisdiction over the head office location of the Company shall have exclusive jurisdiction to govern any disputes arising with respect to the Services.

Article 14 (Notes on Usage)
(1)The Company provides shipping label printing services. Matters related to shipping shall be communicated with the shipping company used, not the Company (Ship&co). The Company is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, or any issues which may arise between the Users and the shipping company, whether the damage and/or issues were reasonably foreseeable or not.
(2)At the time the User create an invoice on the screen, it is deemed that the transaction is completed, and thereafter the User holds all responsibility.
(3)Although there may be a difference between the shipping cost when using the Services and the shipping cost charged by the shipping company, the Users shall make a motion to the shipping company directly concerning the issue (as there may be some differences in measurement by the Users and the shipping company, such as the size of package)
(4)In accordance with laws and regulations regarding prohibited exports and imports, and regulated items, if you intend to import or export items subject to these laws, the User will be required to undergo procedures to receive approval based on the applicable laws and regulations.