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We offer a powerful yet simple Shipping API for your business to access 10+ of International and Japanese shipping carriers.

Connect to Ship&co API and go live faster, with little maintenance required.

Our APIs is simple to use, provided with the detailed documentation and the technical support to help customers at every step.

  • CheckTest shipments without Carrier account,
  • CheckIntegrate with all major Japanese domestic carriers,
  • CheckOne API for all your Shipments with DHL, FedEx and UPS.
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Case study

Openlogi,is an online platform for SMEs to outsource logistics and warehousing services.

Focus on your core business

OpenLogi has integrated Ship&co Shipping API in order to easily create shipping labels for the international and domestic shipments made through their system.

They save huge amounts of time by getting the tracking number directly into their system as they let Ship&co shipping API helps them maintain API integration with carriers while they focus on developing inventory and warehouse management system.

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Closer to Japan with us

Like many fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana wanted to manage their shipping process the same way they did in Europe but they faced an issue how to connect their system with the domestic carriers in Japan, and that’s where Ship&co came in.

By using Ship&co API, the luxury fashion house can create shipments and returns label for their customers in Japan directly from their warehouse and different stores.

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Safer & Faster Shipping

With Ship&co API integration, Wismettac easily manages shipments from more than 30 different warehouses across Japan by using sub-user accounts. Each locations can use their own carrier account through Ship&co and ship orders faster.

As a large organization, managing data within their own system help them reduce the concerns on data privacy.

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