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Pay-as-You-Go Plan

Perfect for small sellers starting out with no set shipments volumes.

¥33 / Shipment
For 100 shipments
you would pay

Monthly Value Plan

Perfect for sellers who want to access additional features and deep discounts.

¥2,090 / Month + Shipments
This is the number of shipments for this plan.
For each shipment
you would pay

Tailored Plan

Perfect for large businesses looking for tailored pricing and additional support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about our pricing plans.

What are the differences among the plans?

For the Pay-as-You-Go Plan, payment is simply based on each shipment made. We will bill at the end of each monthly billing cycle based on your actual shipment volume. You get access to all our core features and direct customer support.

For the Monthly Value Plan, there is a monthly fee at the start of the billing cycle, which entitles you to a corresponding shipment volume each month. You get deep discount on per shipment rate, with discount increasing with higher shipment volumes selected.

With the Tailored Plan, you can tailor a pricing plan that best meets your business’ needs, while accessing additional support services, including technical support and dedicated support during setup.

Which plan is right for me?

The Pay-as-You-Go Plan is a great option for smaller sellers just starting out, with no set amount of shipments each month.

The Monthly Value Plan is great for sellers with regular shipment volumes, who want to access additional features and deep discounts on per shipment rates. As your shipment volume grows, you also get to enjoy lower rates.

The Tailored Plan is great for large businesses looking for tailored pricing and additional support.

The best way to figure out your ideal plan is to try out our free 14-day trial with unlimited shipments. It takes only minutes to get started, and there is no setup fees or credit card required.

What happens if I exceed my shipment limit on the Monthly Value Plan?

Well, there is no limit!

The shipment volume of your selected plan is the amount that comes with your monthly fees.

If you ship more than the plan’s volume, you simply pay any additional usage fees at the start of your next billing cycle. We charge only the discounted per shipment rate for additional shipments, and not any higher rate. We also don’t force you to upgrade to a higher plan - so you can ship with ease.

Can I change my plan later on?

Yes, you can change from one plan to another, or cancel your plan at any time on the Profile page in the app.

Changing plans:

The timings for when your new plan becomes effective are as follows:

・ Pay-as-You-Go plan→Monthly Value plan: change takes place immediately upon plan selection

・ Monthly Value plan→another Monthly Value plan: change goes into effect from the next billing cycle

・ Monthly Value plan→Pay-as-You-Go plan: change goes into effect from the next billing cycle

Cancelling plans:

Cancellation of plan will become effective from the next billing cycle. You can continue to create shipping labels on your current plan until the end of the current billing cycle.

For existing customers migrating from our previous plan (¥20/shipment) prior to March 2019, the change takes place immediately upon plan selection, regardless of the choice of plans. Please note that customers who are still on the previous plan will not be able to go back to the same plan once you change to any of our current plans.

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